Chemistry Faculty

ISU Chemistry Faculty With Active Research Groups

Name Research Area(s)
Robbyn Anand Bioanalytical; microfluidics; electrochemistry; separations
Jared Anderson Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry
Mark Gordon Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
Alexander Gundlach-GrahamDevelopment and application of atomic mass spectrometry for environmental and bioanalytical sciences
Tom Holme Chemical Education, Computational Chemistry
Wenyu Huang Nanomaterials, Catalysis, and Renewable Energy
William Jenks** Organic Photochemistry, Organosulfur Chemistry, Environmental Photochemistry
Kirill Kovnir Novel materials for energy
George Kraus Organic Synthesis and New Synthetic Methodology, Bioagricultural Chemistry, Green Chemistry
Young Jin Lee Biological Mass Spectrometry
Junqi Li Chemical synthesis methods can rapidly access derivatives of comples small molecule structures
Gordon Miller Theoretical and Experimental Aspects of Solid State Inorganic Chemistry
Jacob Petrich Ultrafast spectroscopy of biophysical systems and solvation processes. Applications of light to food safety and human health
Davit Potoyan Theoretical Chemistry & Biophysics
Marek Pruski Materials Chemistry and Solid State NMR
Aaron Rossini Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy, Dynamic Nuclear Polarization and Materials Characterization
Aaron Sadow Organometallic Chemistry and Asymmetric Catalysis
Igor Slowing Multitasking Nanostructured Materials
Emily Smith Bioanalytical, Fluorescence and Chemical Imaging
Xueyu Song Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
Levi Stanley Organic and Organometallic Chemistry, Catalysis, and Asymmetric Synthesis
Patricia Thiel Surface Chemistry, Metal Thin Films and Nanoparticles, Properties of Structurally-complex Alloy Surfaces
Brett VanVeller Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry, Self-assembly, Materials
Javier Vela Nanostructured and Optical Materials for Energy, Catalysis, and Imaging Applications
Vincenzo Venditti Molecular mechanisms of enzyme regulation NMR Spectroscopy
Theresa Windus Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
Arthur Winter Synthesis of chemical tools for biological and medical applications
Julia Zaikina Unconventional synthesis of emerging inorganic and solid state materials
Yan Zhao Organic, Supramolecular, Biomimetic, Materials, Catalysis, and Nano Chemistry

**Department Chair

Lecturers in Chemistry

Name Research Area(s)
Joseph Awino General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry
Cristina Bonaccorsi General Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry
Joseph Burnett General Chemistry and Physical Chemistry
Sara Pistolesi General Chemistry Laboratories
Irmi Schewe-Miller General Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry
Kathy Burke General Chemistry and Chemical Education
David Appy General Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry
Terry Fernando Organic Labs


Emeritus and Retired Professors (No longer accepting students)


Name Research Area(s)
Robert Angelici Organometallic Chemistry, Catalysis on Gold Metal, Biodiesel Conversions
Andreja Bakac Oxygen Activation, Transition Metal Catalysts, Kinetics and Mechanisms
Thomas Barton Organosilicon Chemistry
John Corbett  + Inorganic Solid State Chemistry
James Espenson Transition metal catalysts, Mechanisms & Applications
Hugo Franzen High Temperature Solid State Chemistry
James Fritz  + Analytical Separations
Gregory Geoffroy Synthetic organometallic chemistry, homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, and organometallic photochemistry.
Bernard Gerstein Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Effective Teaching
David Hoffman Physical Chemistry
R. Samuel HoukInorganic Mass Spectrometry, ICP-MS, Biological Mass Spectrometry, Forensic Chemistry
Wilbert Hutton  + Education

Robert Jacobson

X-Ray Crystallography, Molecular Machanics Methods
Dennis Johnson Electrochemistry
Richard Larock Organometallic Chemistry, Synthetic Methodology, Heterocycles, Bioplastics from Soybean/Corn Oils
Victor Lin + Nanomaterials, Synthesis and Characterization
Robert McCarley  + Solid-State and Metal Cluster Chemistry
Klaus Ruedenberg Quantum Chemistry
Glen Russell  + Organic Chemistry
Martha Russell  + General & Organic Chemistry
Kathleen Trahanovsky General & Organic Chemistry
Walter Trahanovsky Pyrolysis of Organic Compounds, Applications in Coal and Biomass
John Verkade  + Promoting Organic Transformations with New Phosphorus-based Lewis Base and Aluminum-based Lewis Acid "Football" Catalysts

Keith Woo

Metalloporphyrin Catalyzed Chemistry, Atom Transfer, Metal-ligand Binding
Edward Yeung Analytical Spectroscopy, Analytical Separations, Single Molecule and Single Cell Studies

+ deceased