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Laurice Verlaine Chewouo and Nethmi Hewage, a senior and junior, resepectively, in chemistry were among 60 Iowa State undergraduate students selected to present their research at the 34th annual National Confernece on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) that takes place online next week, April 12-14. Iowa State students selected to present their research at NCUR, along with their hometowns, majors and research titles can be found at

Dr. Amrit Venkatesh, a Ph.D. graduate from the Rossini Group at Iowa State's Department of Chemisty, is the recipient of the 2021 Zaffarano Prize. The GraduateAmrit Venkatesh College awards this prize annually to graduate students who show superior performance in publishing research in academic journals.

Kira Rahn, PhD candidate in Robbyn Anand's group, was selected by the Division of Analytical Chemistry (DAC) Graduate Fellowship Committee recieve the 2021 ACS DAC Graduate Fellowship. Rahn will be recognized during next week's ACS Spring 2021 meeting. Congratulations to Kira and all recipient of the nine-month fellowship.

Research from Zaikina's group is published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS).  The paper is also featured as ACS Editor's choice article. 

This paper is a step toward understanding deintercalation of Li ion from the layered boride, paving a way toward an elusive class of two-dimensional borides, called MBenes.

Iowa State Daily wrote a story about Dr. Sara Pistolesi and her small business producing Lemoncello 50010, with friends. Read the full story in The Daily's Lifestyle section.

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