Recent News

Congratulations to our graduate award winners for this year!   We had an exceptionally large number of nominations this year—more than twice as many nominations as available awards—so there are also a great many folks that are doing outstanding work who aren’t listed.   

Unfortunately, due to the health crisis we will not be having a ceremony this year to celebrate the awardees. In its place, please join me in giving everyone a (virtual) celebratory round of applause.

Work published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society was highlighted in a recent issue of Chemical & Engineering News:

Sara Pistolesi, assistant teaching professor of chemistry, is part of a team awarded an Iowa State University Miller Faculty Fellowship. The proposed project, “A community of inquiry and practice for cyber-learning implementation: Identifying the impact of a gamified dashboard on students’ motivation” has been funded in the amount of $11,000 beginning July 1, 2020.

Motivated by increased awareness about nitrate contamination of surface waters and its deleterious effects in human and animal health, we sought an alternative, non-noble metal catalyst for the chemical degradation of nitrate. First-row transition metal phosphides recently emerged as excellent alternatives for hydrogen evolution and hydrotreating reactions. We demonstrate that a key member of this family, Ni2P readily hydrogenates nitrate (NO3-) to ammonia (NH3) near ambient conditions with very high selectivity (96%).

Dr. Ann Lii-Rosales, Thiel Group, is the 2020 recipient of the Karas Award for an outstanding dissertation in mathematical and physical sciences and engineering. This a completive campus-wide award for graduating PhD students, only awarded in even years.