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An article by ISU Chemistry (and friends!) Scott E. Julien, Ann Lii-Rosales, Kai-Tak Wan, Yong Han, Michael C. Tringides, James W. Evans and Patricia A. Thiel … was noted as one of the most popular articles in Nanoscale for 2019.

Aaron Rossini Aaron Rossini, pictured, assistant professor of chemistry and senior scientist at Ames Laboratory, has earned a 2020 Sloan Research Fellowship for achievements that designate him as one of the nation’s most outstanding early-career researchers.

Susan Lehman, Chemistry Stores, will be among sixteen individuals from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to be honored at the 85th annual Iowa State University 25-Year Banquet on March 2, 2020.

Anand, RobbynRobbyn Anand has been named the inaugural Suresh Faculty Fellow at Iowa State University. Anand is deeply honored that she has been selected to be the first for the university, she will hold the title for five years.