Congratulations! We are pleased to announce that Dr. Aaron Sadow has been entitled U.S. Patent, "Catalytic Upcycling of Polyymers," issued in October 2023. 

(Pictured: Sara (left) and Iryna (right) with Dean Beate Schmittmann)

Congratulations to our graduate award winners!

(Pictured: Daniel Howell, Henry Thomas, and Victoria Kyveryga)

Congratulations to Foroogh Bahrami (Dr. Zhao's group) who has been awarded a Best Oral Presentation Prize (Second class) in the recent International Symposium on Molecular Imprinting Technology for Biomedical Applications in September.

Congratulations to Dr. Theresa Windus, Dr. Robbyn Anand, Dr. Yulia Zaikina, Dr. Jared Anderson, and Adam Wade!

Kirill Kovnir was recognized for exemplary performance and scholarship in research.

Congratulations to our graduate award winners!

Nethmi Hewage photo

Nethmi W. Hewage, a junior majoring in chemistry and minoring in mathematics, has been named a 2022 Goldwater Scholar. The Goldwater Scholarship is the most prestigious undergraduate award in mathematics, natural sciences, and engineering in the US to encourage outstanding students to pursue careers in STEM research.

Left: Chip Nataro, Right: Mahdi Abu-Omar 


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