Machine Shop


0606 Gilman Hall
Hours: 7:30 a.m.-11:50 a.m. and
12:30 p.m.-4 p.m.


reception counterThe Machine Shop manufactures and repairs research equipment. They have also been known to do small woodworking projects, sheet metal parts, welding, plastic equipment, and repairing vacuum pumps. The process begins with a student or professor discussing with the Shop staff the project they're working on and what type of equipment is needed. The discussion continues on how to accomplish what's needed and what materials are needed to produce or modify the equipment. The majority of what is manufactured is not available elsewhere. Although a patent is a possibility with some of the equipment manufactured, most of the equipment made here is singularly used for a specific research project and does not generate enough interest elsewhere to warrant a patent. But, an industrious student or professor may pursue that option. One of our new capabilities is engraving.

This Shop is not a "student shop", where students may use the tools and equipment, but is staffed by professionals who have a combined experience of over 80 years. The Shop accepts intramurals with a university account number - no cash transactions. Just stop in or call ahead.

inside the machine shopFollowing are just a few of the projects created in the Chemistry Department Machine Shop:

  • Liquid waste separator (scientist wanted to send samples to a variety of universities and research labs)
  • Multi-Herbicide Applicator
  • Portable Rain Machine Simulator - to measure soil erosion
  • Apparatus to gauge soil erosion
  • Plastic units called "Electrophoresis"
  • Hypodermic Needle Tester for active livestock (needles breaking, while still in livestock, prompted this research project)
  • In Process -- a Hypodermic Needle Tester for stationary livestock
  • Add-ons to laser equipment


Bruce EricksonBruce Erickson, Machinist
Bruce joined the Department of Chemistry and Iowa State in April of 2007. He has 24 years machining/design experience. He and his wife Carrie have three children: Caila, Chris, and Jenna. Outside of ISU, he helps with the family farm and has a small machine shop business. The family enjoys camping in their spare time.


Bill Halterman Bill Halterman
Bill joined the Chemistry Department and Iowa State in January of 2009. He has 29 years of experience. He and his wife Mary and daughter Danielle live in Ankeny.