Our Ph.D. program offers majors in the more traditional fields of analytical/bioanalytical, inorganic/materials, organic/bioorganic and physical/theoretical chemistry plus a customizable interdisciplinary “chemistry” major in which a course sequence is designed by the student and their major professor. Additionally, we offer specializations in Materials Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Biomolecular Science, Chemical Instrumentation, Forensic Chemistry and Chemical Education.

​We currently have more than 160 graduate students enrolled in our program with 93% pursuing the Ph.D. degree. We are very proud of the fact that ca. 70% of those students entering the Ph.D. program at ISU will receive their Ph.D. degree.

As a student in the Ph.D. program, you will progress through our program by achieving these milestones:

  • Semester 1: Choose your major professor, join a group, and begin your research
  • Semester 2: Set up your Program of Study committee
  • Semester 4: Meet your Program of Study committee to discuss your project and progress
  • Semester 5: Complete your Preliminary Oral Exam
  • Semester 8: Complete your public seminar requirement
  • Semester 9+: Graduate!

See the pages linked on the right for more specific information about degree requirements, courses and the most recent copy of the Graduate Handbook.