Chemistry Help Room


The Chemistry Department has two help centers offering free assistance to any student needing help with chemistry 

courses. The Martha E. Russell Chemistry Help Center is for general chemistry courses (Chem 50, Chem 160, Chem 

163/163L, Chem 167/167L, Chem 177/177L, Chem 178/178L, Chem 201/201L). The Organic Chemistry Help Center is 

for all organic chemistry courses (231/231L, 331/331L, 332/332L and 333L/334L).


Martha E. Russell Chemistry Help Center 

1761 Gilman Hall 

Fall Semester Hours: 

Monday-Thursday 9-6; Friday 9-1 

Spring Semester Hours: 

Monday –Thursday 9-5; Friday 9-1 

Current Help Center Schedule

Students in any general chemistry course can walk in for free help at any time. 


Organic Chemistry Help Center 

1214 Hach Hall

Operating times and location vary by semester. 

Check the attached schedule for details: 

Students in any organic chemistry course can walk in for free help at any time. 


Other Resources 

The Chemistry Department keeps a list of chemistry tutors for hire. Please contact 515-294-6352 and or for more information.

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