Lab Safety


Laboratory safety is a top priority for the Department of Chemistry. Therefore, the Safety Committee provides forms and safety information for the department to follow. All laboratories are expected to complete the Annual Checklist and maintain a “safety binder” containing the signed and dated safety documentation.


Campus emergencies

Call DPS (515-294-4428) or 911 stating that you are on ISU campus.


Urgent repairs

During non-business hours, call DPS (515-294-4428)


Safety-related questions

Contact department Safety Contact or Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S), 515-294-5359.


Malfunctioning lab equipmentReport this to the professor-in-charge
Routine maintenance

Such as room temperature control, door lock, plumbing or electrical problems or to replace fume hood light bulbs, Contact Facilities Planning and Management (FPM) 515-294-5100.


Lab- or work-related injuriesReport these (no matter how minor) immediately to your supervisor.
Shipping Hazardous Materials

Guidelines are documented on the Postal and Parcel Services webpage and EH&S

The training course is available at the Learn@ISU site:

Guidelines for the classroom:

Guidelines for students:

Annual Chemistry Safety checklist and forms

Please check off each item on the Annual Checklist (doc) as it is completed. Please follow the instructions under each item to ensure that safety documentation is properly stored and forwarded as needed.

  • Laboratory Safety Manual Review the contents of the Laboratory Safety Manual (PDF) with all lab personnel every year and keep a link to it on the lab computer or printed out in a binder labeled “Lab Safety Manual.” Also, post signs noting the location of the LSM.
  • Check in/check out All personnel must complete a safety check-in prior to working in the lab. When employment at ISU or in a particular lab is complete, personnel must fill out a safety check-out.
  • Lab-specific safety training  You are required to visit the EH&S website and complete three mandatory trainings (other trainings are lab specific and need to be done when requested):
    • Laboratory Safety: Core concepts
    • Fire Safety and Extinguisher Training
    • Waste and Recycling Guidelines for laboratory Personnel
  • Chemical inventory Use the EH&S Chemical Inventory to create a database of chemicals in the lab and update inventory each year as a matter of national security. Add items to inventory when an order is placed and print out SDS.

Beginning research in a Chemistry research lab?

New graduate student or student employee

The New Student Safety Checklist (doc) is a guide for itemizing the steps required before a new graduate student or student employee may begin work in a laboratory.

New faculty and/or staff
The New Faculty/Staff Safety Checklist (doc) is a guide for setting up a new lab and itemizing the steps required to begin work in the lab.

Mandatory courses to take

Laboratory Safety: Core Concepts

Fire Safety and Extinguisher Training

Waste and Recycling Guidelines for Laboratory personnel

How to enroll yourself in this class: Instructions for EH&S course enrollment

Labels are available from Chem Stores or by contacting EH&S


infographic of hazards

For Accidents and Injuries procedures, please follow this link

Recommendations below include students who are injured while employed at Iowa State University. Refer to the University Human Resources Frequently Asked Questions document for more information on Workers' Compensation requirements.