New catalysis paper on hydroboration using a new grafted organolanthanum species from collaborative work with Sadow Group and Ames Laboratory appearing in JACS:

Kovnir group published a study showing that the normally nonporous materials can be prepared as inherently tunable clathrates—crystals with cage-like cavities that trap molecules or ions (J. Am. Chem.

Congratulations to Julia Zaikina who will be receiving an NSF CAREER award for her proposal on intermetallic synthesis by theory and in-situ studies.

Aleksandra BadaczewskaAleksandra Badaczewska-Dawid, a promising postdoc research associate

Thank you to the 3MT participants for representing the department at this year's competition. Congratulations to Alexander Volkov and Jiwoo An who were amongst the finalists and runners-up for 2019.

Jared AndersonCongratulations to Professor Jared Anderson, who has today officially been named the ina

TOC figureThe Zaikina group and a diverse team of collaborators, from 4 continents, recently published a paper in

Jared AndersonJared Anderson was named by "Analytical Scientist," a leading magazine from the United K

Chemists grapple with lack of diversity displayed in ‘dude walls’ of honor -

A few months ago, a new term cropped up on Twitter to describe an all-too-common phenomenon at academic institutions: a dude wall.In science departments, these walls honor historical figures by ...

Aaron Rossini Rossini was named winner of the 2019 Caldarelli Prize in Magnetic Resonance for Young Investiga

Congratulations to Department of Chemistry faculty and staff that received awards at the 2019 LAS Convocation

LAS Award for Excellence in Graduate Mentoring
Patricia Thiel, Distinguished Professor, Department of Chemistry

LAS Merit Excellence Award
Patricia Augustin, Secretary II, Department of Chemistry

Georgiy AkopovThe Kovnir Group is excited to announce that Dr.

Department of Chemistry, Iowa State University, Ames, IA 50011

The Kovnir Group performed research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory over the summer and the DOE lab recently highlighted the work done by the group at

To celebrate and promote innovative research, Baxter sponsors an annual award program open to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

Fourteen students participated in the pitch competition on Aug. 10, designated "LAS Day" within the Iowa State University exhibit at the Iowa State Fair.

Anand, RobbynRobbyn Anand will recieve an NIH NIBIB Trailblazer Award.

The Midwest Retreat for Diversity in Chemistry (MWRDC) is modeled after the successful Puget Sound Women Chemists Retreat Midwest Retreat Logo

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Announced their 2019 awardees, and the Department of Chemistry would like to congratulate Pat Augustin and Pat Thiel.

Congratulations to Matthew Ryan, who was named a Goldwater Scholar for the 2019-2020 academic year.

CongratulationsCongratulations to Joe Burnett and


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