Ryan Richard

Assistant Adjunct Professor
ryan richard

Ryan received his PhD from The Ohio State University working with Professor John Herbert on fragment-based methods. After obtaining his PhD, Ryan went on to two postdocs, first  with Professor C. David Sherrill working on Psi4, and then with Professor Theresa Windus working on NWChemEx. 

Ryan's research interests include fragment-based methods, linear scaling ab initio methods, high accuracy calculations, scientific software development, and machine learning. Ryan is presently the chief architect/designer and developer of NWChemEx.

Ames Laboratory Of US DOE, Chemistry
Area of Expertise: 
electronic structure theory
scientific software development
2004 - 2008. B.S. Cleveland State University
2008 - 2013. PhD. The Ohio State University
2014 - 2017. PostDoc. Georgia Institute of Technology
2017 - 2018. Postdoc. Ames Laboratory