Kathy A Burke

Associate Professor of Teaching

Not accepting students.

Kathy Burke, lecturer, completed undergraduate degrees in French and chemistry, with mathematics minor; graduate studies in nuclear chemistry at the M.S. level; doctoral studies in curriculum and instructional technology (emphasis chemical education).  She brings experience from teaching in both two-year and four-year undergraduate chemistry programs.  Past research work includes statewide and nationwide curriculum enhancement projects:  the NSF-sponsored Iowa General Chemistry Network (statewide, for 2-year and 4-year college/university instructors) and Multi-Initiative Dissemination project (nationwide for 2-year and 4-year college/university instructors) along with the state-sponsored Iowa Chemistry Education Alliance (for Iowa high school educators) and Iowa Mathematics and Science Education Partnership—Iowa Chemistry Teachers-Regent's University Chemistry Consortium (for Iowa high school-Iowa Regent's university instructors).  Research interests include student metacognitive strategies, strategies for guided inquiry and active learning, especially the Science Writing Heuristic approach, and curriculum development.

Area of Expertise: 
General Chemistry
Chemical Education