Degree Programs & Four-Year Plans


Iowa State offers two undergraduate degrees in Chemistry, a Bachelor of Science (BS) and a Bachelor of Arts (BA). 

Bachelor of Science

The BS degree meets the standards of the American Chemical Society for the preparation of chemists for entry into graduate school in Chemistry or entry directly into careers in Chemistry. Most all of our BS students carry out research with one or more of the research groups during their careers at ISU.


Bachelor of Arts

The BA program requires fewer courses and is designed for programs of study in which Chemistry is pre-eminent, but expertise in other areas is also required. For example, students interested in a career in medicine, veterinary, or high school teaching may opt for the BA in order to take more courses outside the Department of Chemistry. Research opportunities are always open for our BA students as well.


Chemistry Education

For those wanting to teach at the high school level the Chemistry Department partners with the School of Education to offer a BA in Chemistry with Secondary Education.

B.A. Chemistry with Secondary Education

Minor in Chemistry

The Chemistry Department offers a minor in Chemistry that requires 18-23 credits in Chemistry. For more information on which classes are required, check out the link below.

Minor Degree

Bachelor/ Masters of Science

The Chemistry department is offering a concurrent BS/MS in Chemistry. The concurrent degree program reduces by one to two years the usual pattern of a four-year undergraduate degree and a two to three-year MS program. This program is currently undergoing an update. Please check back for additional information.

Bachelor of Science/ Arts and Masters of Business Administration

The Chemistry department has partnered with the College of Business to offer a concurrent BA/BS in Chemistry with an MBA. This program eliminates one year from the usual 6 year process.