Storage Safety

  • Solvents packaged in glass bottles may only be carried out of storeroom in a safety carrier, the original packaging it was shipped in, or other suitable container. If you do not have a suitable safety carrier you must purchase one before we can let you walk out with the solvent.
  • Gas cylinders can only be transported using approved methods. Cylinder carts must have adequate straps or chains to ensure safety. If you are transporting cylinders in a vehicle, you are responsible for knowing the proper safety procedures. Chemistry Stores will not be responsible if you improperly transport cylinders.
  • Consult the EH&S Gas Cylinder Guidelines
  • Gas cylinder leaks should be reported immediately to EH&S or to DPS after business hours. The proper procedure is outlined on the EH&S website
  • Additional information related to chemical usage and handling, please contact EH&S, (515) 294-5359 or Ames Laboratory ESH&A, (515) 294-2153 Visit the EH&S website