Schedule Form For TAs


  1. Complete this new_chem_grad_schedule_2019.xlsx form after you have met with your major professor and know what courses you will be taking.
  2. Save the document as "lastname_firstname.xlsx" (using YOUR last name and first name).
  3. Enter ALL of the requested contact information.
  4. Enter all of your classes on the schedule, do NOT enter seminars. Clearly indicate the course number (i.e. Chem 580 and Chem 501L). For classes that meet for more than an hour, enter the course number in multiple time slots. For example, if you have a TR 9:30-11 AM class, you should enter the course number into both the 9-10 and 10-11 time slots.
  5. You may enter a single time slot for your group meeting onto the form. (We try to accommodate group meetings, but there are no guarantees. If we can't accommodate the staff meeting, we will contact your major professor and ask them to reschedule the group meeting.) Do not enter more than a single time block for your group meeting.
  6. Indicate whether you prefer morning (8 AM-10 AM) or later (10 AM-end of day) and whether you prefer your recitations back to back or staggered.
  7. Teaching preferences will be used whenever possible to make assignments, but please recognize that we can't promise anything. Letting us know your previous teaching experience is very helpful in making TA assignments. If you are an experienced TA and have interest in teaching in your career, please consider a supervisor or "head" TA position.
  8. Email your schedule to