We have over 2,000 different stock items which are available for immediate purchase. Our inventory includes liquid nitrogen, dry ice, chemicals, solvents, enzymes, media, glassware, lab supplies and equipment, compressed gas cylinders, and convenience items. These items can be purchased and carried out of the storeroom or delivered to you. Our catalog is available in print form upon request. If you would like access to our online catalog and ordering system please contact us at 294-0200 or

Chemicals, gases, and equipment not kept in stock can be special-ordered from a wide variety of vendors. In most cases we get special pricing from our vendors and pass that savings on to the customer. Place these orders with the Chemistry Stores business office in 1351 Gilman or online using our special-order function. We will contact you when your item arrives and is ready for pick up in the storeroom. Please contact us with any questions or to get a quote on a special item. Below is a partial list of the vendors we do business with:

  • 5-Prime
  • Ace Glass
  • Alfa Aesar
  • Barnstead
  • BioRad
  • Buchi
  • Cambridge Isotope
  • Chem Glass
  • Corning/Costar
  • Crown Limo
  • Desert Analytics
  • Difco
  • EMD Chemicals
  • Eppendorf
  • Falcon
  • Fluka
  • Fisher Scientific - Primary Vendor of the IBA
  • HyClone
  • Indofine
  • Invitrogen
  • JT Baker
  • JW Scientific
  • Kimberly-Clark
  • Kimble-Kontes
  • Linweld
  • Matheson TriGas
  • McMaster-Carr
  • Millipore
  • MP Biochemicals
  • Nalge-Nunc
  • Oakwood Products
  • Pierce
  • Praxair
  • Promega
  • Qiagen
  • Rainin
  • Sigma-Aldrich
  • TCI America
  • Varian
  • VWR - Secondary Vendor of the IBA
  • Whatman
  • Wilmad-LabGlass

Chemistry Stores supplies the entire university with industrial gases, high purity gases, and specialty gas mixtures. We keep industrial grade acetylene, air, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, argon/CO2, and O2/CO2 gases in stock. These are available from the storeroom in 1400 Gilman during normal business hours. Regulators and related equipment are also available for purchase.

Due to gas cylinder safety laws, all of the Chemistry Stores owned gas cylinders must be inspected at least every five years. We reserve the right to recall any cylinder that has been checked out to a customer for over five years with no refund for unused gas. Customers who refuse to return the cylinder in a timely manner or can not find the cylinder will be charged a lost cylinder fee at the current replacement rate.

High purity gases and special gas mixtures can be ordered from Linweld, Praxair, Matheson TriGas, or other specialty vendor. Orders for these items should be placed with the Chemistry Stores business office in 1351 Gilman, online using the special-order function, or phoned in if you have a standing order number with Chemistry Stores. To reduce processing time, please provide us with as much information as possible including gas purity, cylinder size, and vendor catalog number if available.

Charges for gas cylinders include a one-time fee for the gas plus a daily demurrage fee for the rental of the cylinder.

To return a cylinder to Chemistry Stores place the cylinder on your dock with the manilla hang tag torn off to read "Empty" and we will pick it up the next time deliveries are made to that dock. To set up a pick-up on a specific date, contact us at 294-0203. Please note that cylinders that do not say "Empty" or "return to Chem Stores" will not be picked up. Also, all cylinders must have the metal cylinder cap attached or they will not be picked up. If you have lost a cylinder cap, contact us and we will provide a replacement for a fee.

Chemistry Stores and Fisher Scientific have teamed up to offer two satellite locations on campus. They are located at 1140 Molecular Biology Building and 1018 Vet Med. These unmanned CORE sites are stocked with many of Chemistry Stores' most popular items from Fisher Scientific including equipment, media, and enzymes. Customers that have access to the site can purchase these items 24 hours a day. Please contact Chemistry Stores at 294-0200 or for more information on how to use these facilities and to get an inventory list for these locations.