Chemistry Stores

Storeroom: 1400 Gilman 294-0203
Office: 1351 Gilman 294-6122 or 294-4413
Hours: 7:30 am to 4:00 pm (Last order accepted at 3:55 PM)

Cut off times for dewars:
Large: 3:00 PM
Small: 3:30 PM

Parking: Lot 25 – Chemistry Stores Customer Parking (2 spots)

Chemistry Stores Online Ordering

Chem Store Users,

As you know with the Workday implementation changes have been made across campus, this has created positive changes from Chem Stores.  Chem Stores is working on developing an interactive website for ordering of stock items, and non-stock request.  Once the web site is operational you can use it for chemical and lab supply needs and the non-stock request form for lab equipment and non-stock items. Until the site becomes active, you may place orders in person at the store, by contacting Chem Stores at 294-0203, or e-mailing your request to . 

Thank you for your patience in this transition period. 

If there are questions please contact John Burright at 294-0200 /  Allison McConeghey at 294-4413 /



Manager: John Burright 294-0200
Assistant Manager: Allison McConeghey 294-4413

Shari Springer 294-6122

Storeroom 294-0203
Ed Jack
Sue Lehman
Jake Thorson

Who To Contact:

Chemistry Stores office
Special order placement/inquiries
Billing inquiries
Request for online catalog access

Chemistry Stores storeroom
Stock item orders/inquiries
Catalog information
Delivery information