The Chemistry Department Glass Shop is a full-service, one-stop shop for all glass products. They will produce any type of glassware you need for your experiments. They will modify any commercial glassware and/or repair your glassware. All Iowa State departments/scientists who require the Glass Shop services will be charged $30.00 per hour to their university account. Intramurals or standing orders are the proper method of payment.

You may have a particular flask in mind that you can't purchase anywhere else..... Call Trond, and between the two of you a plan will be drawn up with the end result a glassware product for you to use. Besides creating brand new products, (from a 2 ml glass tube to 178 ml glass tube) the Glass Shop also modifies and repairs glassware by: drilling, cutting, grinding, surfacing, cleaning, silvering, and vacuum sealing. Quartz glass also falls under their realm

One product produced by the Glass Shop:

  1. Photolysis Tube with platinum coating on the outside