Prospective Undergraduate Student Information


Why Iowa State?

In 2012, Iowa State University's chemistry program was ranked 50th in the world! Our department is well known for having excellent opportunities for undergraduates to get involved with original research all four years. Additionally, we have many scholarships for incoming freshman avaliable. Finally, our Chemistry Learning Community helps incoming students get involved with professors, research groups, other chemistry majors, and keeps them involved with tons of fun activities, free food, and professional development activities.

Extracurricular Activities

Chemistry majors at Iowa State University have plenty of chemistry related extracurricular programs to get involved with if they so choose. Our ISU Chemistry Club, SCUM (Society of Chemistry Undergraduate Majors), is well known for having fun with chemistry. They volunteer at local schools and programs by performing large fiery, explosion filled demonstrations of just how awesome chemistry can be.

Ames Younger Chemists Committee
Iota Sigma Pi, Aurum chapter
Society of Chemistry Undergraduate Majors (SCUM)