Anand research and entrepreneurial students at the Iowa State Fair

August 15, 2019

Fourteen students participated in the pitch competition on Aug. 10, designated "LAS Day" within the Iowa State University exhibit at the Iowa State Fair. This year's The work of the Anand group was featured as an example of innovation at the university.Iowa State theme is entrepreneurship and innovation, illustrating President Wintersteen's committment to elevating the university as a leader in both. Read more about the competition here.

Seven students qualified for advancement to the semifinals, which happen Thursday, Aug. 15:

  • Anthony Chavez, political science
  • Dillon Jensen, computer science
  • Andrew Fogelis, political science
  • Anthony Cantinella, public relations and marketing
  • Masoud Nostrati, computer science
  • Denis Tamiev, biochemistry
  • Olivia Hansen, journalism and apparel, merchandising and design

LAS is also represented each day of the fair by a display of Dr. Robbyn Anand's research. Her work in capturing single cancer cells is on exhibit among a select display grouping of nine items university-wide.