2022 Graduate Award Winners

May 2, 2022

Congratulations to our graduate award winners!

ISU Teaching Exellence Award, for the top 10% of graduate students involved in teaching this year goes to: Tori Cox, Aishwarya Mantravadi, Hayley Masching, Chuan Ping, Josiah Rensner, Alison Roth, Arka Sarkar, and Ernesto Soto.

teaching award pic

(Back Row: Chuan Ping, Hayley Masching, Josiah Rensner, Alison Roth, Arka Sarkar, and Ernesto Soto. Front Row: Tori Cox and Aishwarya Mantravadi)

ISU Research Excellence Award, for the top 10% of the graduating class, this year goes to: ​​​​Yunhua Chen, Philip Yox, and Milad Zangiabadi.

research award pic

(Pictured: Yunhua Chen, Philip Yox, and Milad Zangiabadi)

Thanks to the generosity of individual and corporate sponsors, the Department of Chemistry is happy to be able to provide opportunities to recognize and award graduate students for their achievements in both academics and research. Below you will find a listing of the 2022 fellowship and award recipients.

The four finalists, for the Cotton-Uphaus Award were decided at the first Open House in March 2022. Finalist are chosen through a poster contest at Open House and the winner is selected after a set of oral presentations. Finalists: Yao Abusa, Echo Claus, Stasia Harycki, Charles Ward, and Shengkai Wei. The winner was: Echo Claus.

first cotton-uphaus ceremony

(Picture from the Presentation Competition on March 30th - Charles Ward, Echo Claus (Winner), Stasia Harycki, Yao Abusa, and Shengkai Wei)

second cotton-uphaus pic

(Picture from the Awards Ceremony - Yao Abusa, Stasia Harycki, Echo Claus, Charles Ward, and Shengkai Wei)

Althea Sleight Graduate Fellowship - Elizabeth Gehrmann and Trevor Forsman

sleight award pic

(Pictured: Elizabeth Gehrmann and Trevor Forsman)

Edward V. Sayre Chemistry Scholarships - Benjamin Atterberry

sayre pic

(Picture: Benjamin Atterberry)

Women in Chemistry Award - Sarah Szakas and Ding Yuan

women in chem award pic

(Pictured: Ding Yuan and Sarah Szakas)

Klaus Ruedenberg Theoretical Chemistry Award - Melisa Alkan

melisa alkan

(Pictured: Melisa Alkan)

David N. and Minnie I. Wall Graduate Scholarship - Han Chen, Shu-An Hsieh, and Josiah Rensner

wall award pic

(Pictured: Han Chen, Shu-An Hsieh, and Josiah Rensner)

Alpha Chi Sigma Research Award - Gourab Bhaskar, Jorge Galvez Vallejo, Jingzhe Li, and Hai Tran

alpha sigma chi research award pic

(Pictured: Jorge Galvez Vallejo, Gourab Bhaskar, and Hai Tran. Not pictured: Jingzhe Li)

Noble Hines Endowed Fellowship - Marquix Adamson and Rick Dorn

hines award pic

(Pictured: Rick Dorn and Marquix Adamson)

Witiak Graduate Fellowship - Mason Koeritz and Bryce Westheimer

witiak award pic

(Pictured: Mason Koeritz. Not pictured: Bryce Westheimer)

Mary K. and Velmer A. Fassell Fellowship - Nabeel Abbasi

fassel fellowship pic

(Pictured: Nabeel Abbasi)

Joseph F. Nelson Scholarship - Akalanka Tennakoon

nelson award pic

(Pictured: Akalanka Tennakoon)

Henry Gilman Fellowship - Xun Wu

gilman award pic

(Pictured: Xun Wu)

Wenkert Memorial Chemistry Scholarship - Derek Eitzmann and Andrew Paulson

wenkert memorial award pic

(Pictured: Derek Eitzmann. Not pictured: Andrew Paulson)

Arthur P. Hellwig Memorial Scholarship - Adeyemi Adedoyin, Zachery Crandall, Komadhie Dissanayake, Eranga Gamage, Gayatri Viswanathan, and Jiaqi Yu

hellwig memorial award pic

(Pictured: Komadhie Dissanayake, Adeyemi Adedoyin, Zachery Crandall, Eranga Gamage, and Gayatri Viswanathan. Not pictured: Jiaqi Yu)