Scientific Family Tree

The scientific lineage of Gordie Miller's group can be traced back to J.J. Berzelius. This listing was given to us in ca. 1995 by Jeremy K. Burdett, who was Professor of Chemistry at the University of Chicago and was Gordie Miller's Ph.D. advisor from 1982-1986.

J.J. Berzelius, 1779-1848 (Stockholm)

F. Wöhler, 1800-1882 (Göttingen)

H. Kolbe, 1816-1884 (Leipzig)

H.E. Armstrong, 1848-1937 (London)

T.M. Lowry, 1874-1936 (Cambridge)

G.B.B.M. Sutherland, 1907-1980 (Cambridge)

N. Sheppard, 1921- (Cambridge)

J.J. Turner, 1935- (Cambridge)

J.K. Burdett, 1947-1997 (Cambridge)