Welcome to the Laboratories of Gordie Miller

Department of Chemistry, Iowa State University

Our labs are housed in the third floor of Gilman and Spedding Halls and are equipped as follows:

  • Two glove boxes; one equipped with a microscope for mounting crystals on glass fibers or in capillaries for certain air- and moisture- sensitive manipulations; another fitted with an arc-melter for reacting refractory metals;
  • Several tube furnaces capable of temperatures up to 1100° C;
  • A vacuum furnace capable of temperatures up to 1700° C;
  • An arc-melter for reacting refractory metals;
  • Huber Guinier camera;
  • Bruker APEX CCD diffractometer with high and low temperature capability (ca. 80-700 K);
  • STOE IPDS-2 diffractometer.

Within the Chemistry Department and the Ames Laboratory, we have access to other instrumentation necessary for research in solid state chemistry:

  • Bruker CCD-1000 diffractometer
  • X-ray photoelectron spectrometer
  • Quantum Designs SQUID magnetometer
  • Calorimeters for accurate heat capacities, DTA and DSC
  • Scanning and transmission electron microscopes
  • Atomic force microscope

Here, you can view part of our laboratory space:

3656 Gilman Hall 3656 Gilman Hall
One of our laboratories
glove box Vacuum Atmospheres Glove Box equipped with a microscope
arc melter Centorr arc melter: melting chamber is the small cylinder; power supply is left
Huber Guinier camera 335 Spedding Hall
Huber Guinier camera
Bruker APEX CCD Diffractometer 338 Spedding Hall
Bruker APEX CCD Diffractometer
STOE IPDS Diffractometer STOE IPDS Diffractometer
glove box coupled with arc melter 326 Spedding Hall
Inert atmosphere glove box coupled with an arc melter; designed by Irmi Schewe-Miller