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Irmi Schewe-Miller, lecturer, received her Diplom in Chemistry (cum laude) from the RWTH Aachen, Germany in 1987, and her PhD.(summa cum laude) from the University of Stuttgart in 1990. Her postdoctoral experience was in the research group of Dr. Glen Schrader, Dept. of Chemical Engineering at ISU (1990-91) and in the research group of Dr. H. Fritz Franzen, Ames Laboratory, ISU (1991-1995). Her research interests were in Solid State Chemistry preparing and characterizing new chalcogenides of the alkali metals and in Niobium and Tantalum rich materials. For 13 years she focused her energies on raising her and her husband's three children. She returned to Chemistry teaching General Chemistry and the Synthetic Inorganic Laboratory at Iowa State University in the Fall Semester 2008.

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