Davit Potoyan

Theoretical Chemistry & Biophysics

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Our group develops and applies theoretical concepts and computational tools for solving wide variety of problems in cellular and molecular biophysics. Central theme of our research is understanding how collective interactions in biomolecules are harnessed for system level regulation in cells. Specifically we are looking at genetic networks of higher organisms in order to uncover mechanisms by which cells carry out complex information processing and biological computations enabling survival and adaptation in dynamic and unpredictable environments. The problems we study often require a multi-scale computational approach where we employ some blend of hybrid stochastic simulations, brownian dynamics and molecular dynamics techniques for investigating biological networks and individual biomolecular components.

The current projects in the group are:

  1. Information processing and regulation in biological networks.
  2. Self assembly of biomolecules and active matter.
  3. Meso-scale stochastic dynamics of biochemical reactions in structurally heterogeneous environments.