Synthesis of aliovalently-substituted GeAs2 for thermoelectric applications

Wednesday, November 10, 2021 - 4:25pm
Event Type: 

Student Seminar

Speaker: Utsav Kumar Dey, Kovnir Group

Thermoelectric effect enables a direct conversion of thermal to electrical energy, which provides an alternative route for power generation applications. Recently, layered tetrel pnictides are considered as a promising class of layered materials in thermoelectrics due to their robust structural anisotropy and weak interlayer interactions. GeAs2 is a prominent candidate among tetrel pnictides which has a potential to exhibit a thermoelectric figure of merit (zT) as high as 2.78 based on the computational reports. In fact, high electrical resistivity and synthetic difficulties have been the biggest obstacles so far to unveil their thermoelectric applications. Herein, Aliovalent substitution can be implemented as an effective route to enhance the carrier transport as well as the zT of GeAs¬≠2. Also, a two-step vapor transport method can circumvent the synthetic issues and give rise to a single-phase sample.