Non-linear electrokinetic enrichment of targeted cells and nucleic acids coupled with electrochemical sensing for point-of-care diagnostics

Friday, September 10, 2021 - 3:20pm
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Dr. Robbyn Anand, Iowa State University

Research in the Anand group is motivated by a critical need to increase access to accurate diagnostic information that guides treatment decisions, ultimately improving human health. The methods and devices that our group develops have the potential to positively impact the clinical outcomes of patients effected by cancer, viral infection, or kidney disease. These advancements leverage core scientific strengths in the Anand laboratory in microfluidics, non-linear electrokinetics, and electrochemistry. This combination of scientific areas is well-suited to diagnostics, particularly in point-of-need (PON) or resource-limited settings. This presentation will discuss the methods we have developed to address current challenges in bioanalysis, such as a need for reagentless or label-free sensing, enrichment of low-abundance biomarkers, and parallel analysis of individual entities. We will then demonstrate how these methods work in concert to meet the requirements for PON diagnostics. 

We’ve been able to arrange for a remote link for today’s seminar from Robbyn Anand.  If you would like to attend virtually, please just go to her Webex link with yourself set to mute at least during the bulk of the seminar.