Molecular mechanisms of efflux pumps and novel therapeutics to treat pathogenic bacteria

Friday, October 15, 2021 - 3:20pm
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Dr. Nate Traaseth, NYU Chemistry

Host: Dr. Venditti

Antibiotic resistance arises from multiple molecular mechanisms, including enzymatic breakdown of drugs, mutations of target proteins, reduced drug influx, and the activation of efflux pumps. The efflux mechanism by membrane protein transporters is one of the broadest resistance mechanisms, and is accomplished by active transport that reduces the internal drug concentration. In this seminar, our recent progress in studying efflux pumps from pathogenic organisms will be discussed, including structure, dynamics, and functional studies. The insights offered by this approach allowed us to provide novel insights into molecular mechanisms of transport required for antibiotic resistance and the creation of a novel inhibitor against the human pathogen methicillin-resistance S. aureus (MRSA).