University Catalog Chemistry Courses

Chemistry Department Course Listings

Core Courses

Listed below are the core courses for each major.

There are no core course requirements for the Chemistry major. The courses are decided upon by the student and the committee.


Chem 511Advanced Quantitative Analysis3 credits
Chem 512Electrochemistry3 credits
Chem 513Analytical Molecular and Anatomic Spectroscopy3 credits
Chem 516Analytical Separations3 credits
Chem 611Seminar1 credit each semester


Chem 502Advanced Inorganic Chemistry3 credits
Chem 505Physical Inorganic Chemistry3 credits
Chem 600Seminar1 credit each semester
Four additional credits from the following courses:
Chem 503Bioinorganic Chemistry2 credits
Chem 571Solid State Chemistry2 credits
Chem 573Nanochemistry2 credits
Chem 574Organometallic Chemistry of the Transition Metals2 credits
Chem 578Chemical Kinetics and Mechanisms2 credits


Chem 531Organic Synthesis I3 credits
Chem 532Organic Synthesis II2 credits
Chem 537Physical Organic Chemistry I3 credits
Chem 538Physical Organic Chemistry II3 credits
Chem 572Spectrometric Identification of Organic Compounds3 credits
Chem 631Seminar in Organic Chemistry1 credit each semester
Chem 632Selected Topics in Organic Chemistry2 credits


Chem 561 or *Phys 591Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics or Quantum Physics4 credits
Chem 562 or 564 or *Phys 592Fundamentals of Atomic and Molecular Quantum Mechanics or Molecular Spectroscopy and Structure or Quantum Physics II3 credits/4 credits
Chem 563 or *Phys 531Statistical Mechanics2 credits
Chem 583Chemical Group Theory1 credits
Chem 660Seminar in Physical Chemistry1 credit each semester

Chemical Education

Courses outlined for one of the above listed programs13 credits
Chem 555Chemical Pedagogy2 credits
Statistics 587Statistical Methods for Research Workers3 credits
Statistics 571Introduction to Experimental Design3 credits
Curriculum & Instruction 533Educational Psychology of Learning, Cognition and Memory3 credits
Curriculum & Instruction 541How People Learn: Implications for Teaching Science.3 credits
Curriculum & Instruction 546Advanced Pedagogy in Science Education.3 credits
Psychology 516Advanced Cognition3 credits