Alumni News


Jonna Berry (2015, PhD in Analytical Chemistry with a specialization in Forensic Chemistry.)

Prepared for Forensics

Research on decomposing pig carcasses was just one of many Iowa State experiences that prepared Jonna Berry for a future working in a crime laboratory.

At Iowa State Berry was able to complete four forensically related research projects, including a two-year project looking at gunshot residue on pig carcasses.

"I was fortunate to work with many research groups during my graduate career which resulted in a number of forensically related research projects,"...


Alex Buck (2014, PhD in Organic Chemistry)

Alex Buck (chemistry ’10, Ph.D. organic chemistry ’14) still remembers the day his high school chemistry teacher set off the fire alarms in his school lab.

“He showed us an experiment where he ‘sacrificed’ a gummy bear to the ‘chemistry gods’ by dropping a gummy bear into a melted solid. It caused flames to shoot from the test tube and set off the fire alarms.”


Tezcan Guney (2014, PhD in Organic Chemistry.)

Drug Discovery

Tezcan Guney utilizes problem solving every day — for a better tomorrow. His work entails the discovery of new antibiotics that will be effective against antibiotic resistant pathogens.

Guney, who graduated from Iowa State in 2014 with a Ph.D. in organic chemistry, works as a postdoctoral research scholar at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) in New York.

"I've always been interested in taking part in a multidisciplinary drug discovery...