ISU Advance Program

The Department of Chemistry and Iowa State University are devoted to helping its students, staff, and faculty maintain a flourishing work-life balance. We understand that all of us at some point will be faced with, for example, the illness of ourselves, a partner, or a family member, the duties of caring for aging parents, the commitment of birth and child care, or the loss of loved ones. We are determined to work with the members of our community to find flexible solutions that respond to both professional and personal responsibilities.





Area Contact Person Office / Phone
Administrative Specialist – HR, Operations Renee Harris 1605D Gilman, 294-6343
Administrative Specialist - Fiscal Nancy Olson 1605C Gilman, 294-9414
Student Services Specialist - Graduate Lynette Edsall 1605B Gilman, 294-7810
Student Services Specialist - Undergraduate John Burright 1608C Gilman, 294-6361
Clerk - Fiscal Carlene Enderson 1605 Gilman, 294-7813
Secretary – Teaching, Faculty Support Carla Holbrook 1605 Gilman, 294-3730
Secretary – Undergraduate Program Patricia Augustin 1608 Gilman, 294-6352
Secretary – Assistant to the Chair Mary Dau 1605 Gilman, 294-7812
IT Support Andrew Albinger 157 Gilman, 294-3984


Teaching Laboratory

Area Contact Person Office / Phone
Manager Steve Heideman 155 Gilman, 294-7449
Teaching Lab Coordinator Feili Qin 1656B Gilman, 294-3991
Teaching Lab Coordinator Theresa Fernando 0732 Gilman, 294-7719
Lab Associate Allen Clague 1225B Hach, 294-7957
Lab Associate Iryna Auferonak 0271 Gilman, 294-5080
Lab Technician Hoa Chi 0732 Gilman, 294-7719
Lab Technician Valerie Awino 0732 Gilman, 294-7719
Lab Technician Crystal Czarnecki 0732 Gilman, 294-7719


Chemistry Store

Area Contact Person Office / Phone
Manager Melissa Gruhn 1351 Gilman, 294-0200
Clerk Becky Abu-Hawash 1351 Gilman, 294-4413
Clerk Shari Springer 1351 Gilman, 294-6122
Store Keeper Susan Lehman 1400 Gilman, 294-0203
Store Keeper Ed Jack 1400 Gilman, 294-0203
Store Keeper Jake Thorson 1400 Gilman, 294-0203



Area Contact Person Office / Phone
Manager Trond Forre 551 Gilman, 294-1275


Chemical Instrument Services

Area Contact Person Office / Phone
Manager Steve Veysey 1234 Hach Hall, 294-5805
Associate Scientist – Mass Spec Kamel Harrata 1236 Hach Hall, 294-5544
Associate Scientist – X-Ray Arkady Ellern 1761 Gilman, 294-4057
Assistant Scientist - NMR Sarah Cady 1234 Hach Hall, 294-5975
Assistant Scientist - NMR Shu Xu 1234 Hach Hall, 294-4057


Machine Shop

Area Contact Person Office / Phone
Machinist - Manager Bruce Erickson 606 Gilman, 294-3430
Machinist Bill Halterman 606 Gilman, 294-3430