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Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry

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Selected Publications

Clark, K.D.; Nacham, O.; Yu, H.; Li, T.; Yamsek, M.; Ronning, D.R.; Anderson, J.L.  "Extraction of DNA by Magnetic Ionic Liquids: Tunable Solvents for Rapid and Selective DNA Analysis"  Analytical Chemistry 2015, 87, 1552-1559. 

Nacham, O.; Clark, K.D.; Yu, H.; Anderson, J.L.  "Synthetic Strategies for Tailoring the Physicochemical and Magnetic Properties of Hydrophobic Magnetic Ionic Liquids" Chemistry of Materials 2015, 27, 923-931.

Hantao, L.; Najafi, A.; Zhang, C.; Augusto, F.; Anderson, J.L. "Tuning the Selectivity of Ionic Liquid Stationary Phases for Enhanced Separation of Non-polar Analytes in Kerosene Using Multidimensional Gas Chromatography" Analytical Chemistry 2014 , 86, 3717-3721.

Ho, T.D.; Yehl, P.M.; Chetwyn, N.P.; Wang, J.; Anderson, J.L.; Zhong, Q.  "Determination of trace level genotoxic impurities in small molecule drug substances using conventional headspace gas chromatography with contemporary ionic liquid diluents and electron capture detection"  Journal of Chromatography A  2014, 1361, 217-228.

Ho, T. D.; Yu, H.; Cole, W. T. S.; Anderson, J. L. "Ultraviolet (UV) Photoinitiated On-Fiber Copolymerization of Ionic Liquid Sorbent Coatings for Headspace and Direct Immersion Solid-Phase Microextraction" Analytical Chemistry 2012, 84, 9520-9528.

Joshi, M. D.; Chalumot, C.; Kim, Y-W.; Anderson, J. L. "Synthesis of glucaminium-based ionic liquids and their application in the removal of boron species from water" Chemical Communications 2012, 48,1410-1412

Zhao, F.; Meng, Y.; Anderson, J.L. "Polymeric ionic liquids as selective coatings for the extraction of esters using solid-phase microextraction". Journal of Chromatography A  2008, 1208, 1-9