Alumni News

If you are a Chemistry alumni and would like to share an update about what you have been doing since graduation, please submit this form.


BJ Anding (2013, PhD, Woo group.)

BJ is currently working as a postdoc at the University of Wisconsin Madison

Jonathan Beasley (2013, PhD, Kraus group.)

Jonathan is currently working at Hach Chemical as a Production Support Chemist.

Erica (Smith) Dalluge (2013, PhD, Lee group.)

Erica is a postdoc at Philipps Petroleum in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

Tom Garrison (2013, PhD, Larock/Kessler group.)

Tom is currently a research associate in the school of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at Washington State University.

Joy Jackson (2013, PhD, Pohl group)

Joy Jackson is currentlyworking at eSTEM High Pulic Charter School in Little Rock, AR as a Biology.Physical Science teacher. Her future plans include obtaining a Master's degree in Public Health and then on to a postdoc in Public Health, specializing in Molecular Epidemiology.


Andrey Asadchev (2012, PhD, Gordon group.)

Andrey is currently a postdoc at Virginia Tech working on various aspects of MPQC.

Alex Belianinov (2012, PhD, Thiel group.)

Alex is a postdoc at Oak Ridge National Laboratory,working on ionic and electrochemical transfer phenomena in new memory and battery materials. Developing statistical computation methods for large data processing and analysis.

Jakoah Brgoch (2012, PhD, Miller group.)

Jakoah is a post doctoral research associate at UC Santa Barbara.

Philip Carlson (2012, PhD, Gordon/Petrich group.)

Philip is an assistant professor of Chemistry and Physics at Bellhaven University in Jackson, MIssissippi.

Heather Caruthers (2012, PhD, Holme group)

Heather  is currently teaching at Des Moines Area Community College Urban and Boone campuses. This summer, she is teaching a survey of chemistry to people who've never had chemistry before.